Our tour group used Angel during our recent visit to Paris, Lucerne, Munich and Prague. Angel was a fabulous tour-guide! He knows 5 languages (helps with translation), and was knowledgeable about every city we visited. If it weren’t for him, I would have seen beautiful things, but not understood what I was looking at. He enhanced our trip significantly! Angel moved at our pace, gave us wonderful options, and took us to places we did not even anticipate. He was marvelous, and I hope he is available for our next trip! Read the review here.


No doubt this is the best guided tour I have ever been to! Berlin is the most interesting city I have ever visited, not only full of history but also full of culture it is evident that Angel knows every interesting corner of the city. You get to know the main important spots of the city but also the hidden and exciting Berlin. He makes the visit a very entertaining and interesting experience and it is evident that he really understands the city. It would be great having an Angel in every city! Read the review here.