Pergamon Museum Berlin—private visit.

Visiting the Pergamon Museum on the Museum Island (Museumsinsel) with your private guide to Berlin you will get you in touch with Prussia’s former position in the sciences and its (not uncontroversial) endeavour in the field of archeology and classical and ancient studies. Follow me on a private visit.

This private tour of the Pergamon Museum will introduce you to marvels of human culture connected to well know parts of our history such as the Market Gate of Miletus and the Ishtar Gate of Babylon. Located in the Near East, these monuments together with other stunning exhibits are documents of man’s long history of producing the most lavish constructions in order to make a bold statement. After all, people in fomer times would walk along the procession street towards the Ishtar Gate and enter the city we all read about in the Bible: The story behind the Tower of Bable has its origins here alongsinde with the Babylonian captivity that marks one of the central narratives of Jewish culture. Most probably the Tower of Bable was one of the temples dedicated to Marduk, Babylon’s city deity. You will meet Marduk on this tour, brace yourself!

Unfortunately the Pergamon Altar itself is currently not available for visit until 2024, as is the north wing and the gallery of Hellenistic art. Nonetheless, the remaining exhibits in the Pergamon Museum and the Museum of Islamic Art (housed in the same building) will make your private visit worthwhile. You may want to combine this visit with a → visit of the Neues Museum if you desire to broaden your understading of Egyptian art and culture, see Nefertiti and explore one of the most exciting building projects in Berlin. → Please contact me for a quote.

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