Hipster Hunt in Berlin Neukölln.

Let’s meet the gang (along with your private guide to Berlin)! You’ve heard a lot about the Berlin hipster district Neukölln, haven’t you? That vibrant place, once a dodgy neighbourhood where trouble was always near, now meeting location for anybody on this planet with a project in mind and the will to experiment. An abundance of big glasses, short trousers, well-looked-after pony-tails and vintage bikes: the hipster district to Berlin. Shootings would happen in some of the schools and going out at some times of the day was a dangerous thing. The incredible aggression has created a huge amount of awareness and the town of Berlin and certainly the district of Neukölln have invested much money and attention to the change that was much awaited. Today, parts of Neukölln are still heavily influenced by immigrants, but the mixture is different now and more and more English is being heard—it can at times be difficult to use the local vernacular German, English and Spanish being of more use.

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Follow me on a private tour through this old-new area of Berlin, understand its legacy, explore its contemporary situation, get some shopping done and – depending on the time of the day – have a drink and maybe a bite. The cuisine in this part of Berlin is certainly international and the best Moscow Mule is to be found in my very favourite bar. You will most certainly not meet the topic of the historic ruling familiy of the Hohenzollern and see no palace under reconstruction, that’s for sure.

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