Neues Museum—private visit.

Yes, she is in that museum – and your private guide to Berlin will explain all you need to know. Nefertiti along with many other major exhibits that document Germany’s long history in archeology, shaping a science that today is one of the cornerstones of human culture. If you long for a morning or afternoon in a different time zone, then this is your tour. Follow me on a private visit to the Neues Museum in Berlin.

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You will see and understand one of the landmark buildings in Berlin on this private tour. The visit to this museum will give you profound insights into the architecture and history of the building, shed light on aspects of a debate centered around the issue of conservation vs reconstruction and finally serve as an introduction to its current collections (of which the head of Nefertiti is one of the most breathtaking exhibits). You may also want to combine this visit with a → visit of the Pergamon Museum, which is just next to the Neues Museum, if you wish to see and understand the Ishtar Gate, learn about the Tower of Bable and check out the Market Gate of Miletus. (If you are unsure, then read what others have said on tripadvisor about such a tour with me as their private guide to Berlin and its monuments.)

Similarly to Venice the Neues Museum (New Museum) had to be built on poles due to the swampy grounds that had to serve for its foundations. Likewise, its reconstruction after WW2 seemed to be a task never to be accomplished until finally in 2009 Berlin celebrated its secont inauguration following one of the most discussed processes in the history of „complementary restoration”. After its nearly complete destruction in WW2 it was not until the early 1990s that the British architect David Chipperfield was commissioned to restore the building, acknowledging its contemporary reality and thus transcending a mere reconstruction. → Please contact me for a quote.

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