All the monuments of Berlin—grand tour of east and west.

Whether you only have one day in Berlin for all the monuments or you are looking forward to a rich introduction and exploration: This private tour with your guide in Berlin will make a difference! We will check out the city and be in touch with its history and contemporary situation. This tour is very convenient for those of you that come from Warnemünde and visit for the day. (Keep in mind that private transportation is available to make things smooth and easy on your end.)

I will guide you in Berlin to the main landmarks and put everything that we see in the proper context. You will get a firm grip around monuments, history and today’s situation of Germany’s capital. A fun day that will give you as much capital as you like – and also some taste of it . . . We might also climb one or the other monument, if you like.

On our private tour we will visit and put into context the major landmarks of Berlin that you are waiting to see. The Reichstag parliament building, the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial and the new developments around Potsdamer Platz. We will go into the history of Berlin, see the Gendarmenmarkt, understand its looks and venture further into the very spot where Berlin started its vibrant development. We will see the legacy of Unter den Linden, the icon boulevard and understand the city’s prime position regarding the arts.

If you are into royal history and have a special taste for palaces and baroque decoration, you might also like to look into the only surviving royal palace of Berlin: Charlottenburg!

We could also visit the dome of the Reichstag, if you wish. A prior reservation however is needed, so plan ahead and let me know of your travel plans …

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A tour of one of the most fascinating changes that the city witnessed under the socialist leadership will provide you with a totally different perspective on Berlin. Depending on your interest we can check out the so-called “old west”, which formed the now revived hub of West-Berlin when the city was still divided into two. Plus lots of insights and surely a fun day all in all. Don’t miss out!

Please keep in mind that I can also arrange for a private chauffeur to take us around the places we want to visit. → Please contact me for a quote.

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