Historic Centre of Berlin—private tour.

What happened? What will your private guide to Berlin show you? In the first half of the 20th century Berlin became the scene of one of Europe’s most terrifying episodes in the history of mankind. The formerly open-minded and bustling metropolis of the old Prussian empire saw changes that led to the catastrophe refered to as the Holocaust. One of the major changes was the creation of the German Nation that actually took place in Versailles … Versailles? Maybe you just visited Versailles and the hall of mirrors, where all that happend?

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Such are the connections within Europe that I like to talk about … Follow me on a private city tour of Berlin and understand the history of Germany’s captial. We will not only focus on this part of history, but check out the historic centre in total and understand the development of Berlin from a small twin town to the international metropolis of the 20th century.

This tour might be suitable for those of you that come from Warnemünde and visit for the day. However, I would like to recommend a more extended visit that will give you a broader insight as is the case with the Grand Tour. (Keep in mind that private transportation is available to make things smooth and easy on your end.)

On this private tour of Berlin we will visit the historic centre of the city and make a very complex history palpable. The tour will focus on the area between the Reichstag building, Potsdamer Platz, the boulevard Unter den Linden up to Alexanderplatz. I will lead you on a private walking tour and share my expertise and answer all your questions related to Berlin’s history and its relation to Germany and World History. Please keep in mind that I can also arrange for a private chauffeur to take us around the places we want to visit. → Please contact me for a quote.

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