Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

How should society deal with its memories? How should it deal with its history and the very tragic and horrible aspects of it? What to do with Germany’s legacy of a mistaken ideology? Such and other questions will be present on this private and guided tour of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Berlin.

Germany has opted for a culture of remembrance when it comes to the commemoration of the Shoah and the Holocaust. Presented in this way, places like the Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Berlin represent a major centre of learning. With its first prisoners marching in in 1936, it is shocking to learn that it was not in 1945 when this inferno was shut down.

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A private and guided tour of this concentration camp and its remaining structures near Berlin serves as palpable insight into German and World history, more so than we find in books. The exploration of the area and an understanding of its past function will not only serve as document for understanding Germany, it can also change the way we see some recent political realities if we keep in mind that similar camps are still in use around the world … → Please contact me for a quote.

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