The Berlin wall and the cold war.

The Berlin wall not only divided two countries and two opposing powers in the time of the cold war, as I will show you on our private tour of Berlin. It also accounted for one of Berlin’s most remarkable socio-spacial accumulation of certain immigrants: the Turkish minority, in some areas of Berlin the genuine majority, settled along the then known ends of the western world, mainly in run down houses, often hidden from such amenities as public transport.

Picture of a Berlin Turkish Market near the former Berlin wall
The Berlin Turkish Market near the former Berlin Wall. Still one of the attractions of town.

Follow me on a private tour of the remains of the wall and understand the key facts regarding the Berlin wall and the cold war.

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This private tour of Berlin will take a dive into German and World history of the late 1960s and shed light on the cold war. We will then trace some parts of the old wall dividing the two countries, focussing also on what this condition meant for the living of minorities on the western side of the division. The tour will end in Berlin’s famous district of Kreuzberg with its mixture of migrant, poor, newly rich and gentrified cultures. The traces of the separation are still tangible and our walk will highlight some special aspects in the history of the Berlin wall and cold war, finishing at what is today one of Berlin’s liveliest areas, rooted in the tradition of oriental commerce. Lots of things to look at and surely some facts that you have not been expecting …

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