Berlin and Europe: History!

Many of the visitors with a private guide of Berlin travel to Europe in order to explore the history of the continent in depth. As a private guide to Berlin I can show you the bigger picture! That means that Berlin is often only one stop on a jouney to see Paris, Rome, Florence, London, Prague, Warsaw and many other great places. I love to travel Europe and see how things are connected. Follow me on a little tour and check out some of my posts on social media …

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Looking at the history of Europe and for some times certainly the world, Germany and its capital have often played a pivotal role in the shaping of this continent’s character. Most people would refer to the times of the dictatorship as being the most influential in past times. However, there are many more aspects to the history of the German territory to be told. It is after the collapse of the Roman Empire that Europe started slowly developing into the nation we know today. Some kingdoms would share the same ruler, as was the case with Charles V in Spain and Germany. History on the old continent would thus never be one of isolated countries with their own narratives. This shared history is to be felt in Berlin too. For instance when you visit a church that was only built to hold the many protestants that were not welcome in France under the ancien régime and moved to Berlin to find a new home under the Hohenzollern. Thus a journey through Berlin is always a journey through Europe as well.

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