Off the beaten track.

Don’t want to make sure that you see everything that you have to in Berlin but still follow your private guide to Berlin? Feel like you don’t want to be in control? Need a bit of an adventure while off the beaten track? Then come along on this totally private und totally adventurous tour of my Berlin.

The #castle of #mordor in the far land of #berlino #uglynensis .

Ein von angelramirezortiga (@angelramirezortiga) gepostetes Foto am

I will see what I show you. I might use snippets of other tours that I sometimes deliver and that I particularly like. I might include something out of my ordinary life and routes that I often walk. I shall show you places that might be known and some that might not be known at all and that only make sense in my narrative. I might show you places that I personally like and that I like to explore. Whatever we do, you will gain a perspective of Berlin and will be able to say: I did it! 🙂

#berlin #architecture #axelschultes #krematorium

Ein von angelramirezortiga (@angelramirezortiga) gepostetes Foto am

All you need to do is → contact me and we’ll take it from there. That’s it. Easy. Come along off the beaten track.