Summer special: Tour the gardens of Charlottenburg.

Come to see the stunning gardens of the Palace of Charlottenburg and enjoy Berlin’s summer.

Imagine you have seen the essential of Berlin and understood the history – roughly speaking. You have seen the historical centre, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building, you visited the wrongly called Holocaust memorial, saw the symmetrical square and got a fair grip around GDR history. Maybe you have walked all that with me. Done with downtown?

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Then come along on a leisurely stroll through one of Berlin’s most appealing gardens and 300 years of design. Just a short ride from the historical centre is Berlin’s only royal palace and its historical gardens. Initially following a baroque plan for Princess Sophie Charlotte at the very end of the 17th century, it became English in style later on and today shows parts of both types of garden design.

Perspectives, flowers, ponds, hidden islands … a space to recover from the busy capital, enjoy the carefully orchestrated landscape and listen to stories of its development, garnished with insights into one of Europe’s longest ruling families, the Hohenzollern.

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This tour is a wonderful addition to any of my other tours as well as bookable by itself. Please keep in mind that I can also arrange for a private chauffeur to take us to the garden and later on back again to the city centre. → Contact me for a quote.

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